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​Fitness Nutrition Accountability 

*Fit Over 40 Weight Loss Coaching*

Our fitness programs are specifically designed for the busy professional over the age of 40. If you are trying to lose weight but struggling to find the time, proper structure and environment to workout, our complete Fitness, Nutrition And Accountability program is the perfect solution.

*Flexible Scheduling*

We provide morning and evening training sessions to accommodate every schedule. 

Our highly efficient 30 minute training system accomplishes more work in less time. 

*Food Made Simple*

Everyone's dietary needs are different.

We take the guesswork out of nutrition to keep healthy food choices simple. 

*Workouts That Work*

The best workout you’ll ever have.

Workouts are quick, efficient, and extremely effective. So effective that the body will keep burning calories hours after the workout is completed.


Stay on track outside the gym using the built-in daily accountability coach provided in our mobile app. Track everything from weight, body composition, meal compliance, water intake, sleep, energy levels, and more. It helps reinforce healthy daily habits and create awareness.

*Private Training Facility*

We want you to feel at home.

Workout in our members only, private training facility. Our facility is closed to the public to eliminate distractions and excuses. No big box commercial gym to navigate or crowds to deal with.

*Personalized Service*

Beginner friendly programming. Every member receives personalized training instruction, nutrition guidance, and coaching based on the needs, and capabilities of the individual. 

*Expert Coaching*

Coaching is provided by Master Trainer Andre Buggs - Owner of Fit For Life Private Personal Training & Practice Facility, Creator of the NXLVL Training System, and Author of The NXLVL Diet. 

*Results Guaranteed*

We stand behind our service 100%

If not completely satisfied for any reason, we offer a 90 day 100% money back guarantee.

*Training Programs*

*12 Week Total Body Transformation Program* 

Limit 3 members per training session. Three 30 minute sessions per week. This program features muscle toning achieved by our industry leading compound weight training circuits, designed to build lean muscle and shape the body while burning unwanted fat. The afterburn effect of these workouts will keep the body burning calories 24-36 hours after the workout is completed. We rebuild the entire body from the ground up. 

$1,500 for 2 sessions wk for 12 weeks (24)

$1,800 for 3 sessions wk for 12 Weeks (36)

(Monthly, Bi Weekly and Weekly payment options available)

*8 Week Fat Loss Program*

Limit 8 members per session. Our high intensity circuit training is designed to target every muscle group, every workout. All while keeping the heart rate in the fat burning zone. Every session includes resistance training, bodyweight movements, and cardio for a muscle stimulating total body burn. Burn calories 4-12 hours after the workout is completed.

$500 for 2 sessions wk for 8 weeks (16) Tuesday, Thursday 

$720 for 3 Sessions wk for 8 weeks (24) Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

(Weekly and Bi Weekly options available)

*28 Day Fat Loss Challenge *

This is an intro course to our 8 Week Fat Loss Program. It allows you to try the full 8 Week Program for 28 days.

$250 for 2 weekly sessions Tuesday, Thursday 

$360 for 3 weekly sessions Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

Fit For Life Memphis

5017 Stage Rd

Memphis TN, 38128

(901) 871-7219

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“Andre Buggs and NXLVL Fitness are the best Coach and Fit Fam in the 901. He loves what he does and it shows. Goal setting, Tracking progress, Nutrition planning, Motivation, Accountability. Whichever you need, it's all here. Best decision I ever made.”

Cheryl Rivers